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At EdvantEdge Africa, we pride ourselves in training programs that are designed and managed by global industry leaders to build knowledge, skills and competence in undergraduates, fresh graduates and career professionals.

Skills Accelerator Program

Skills Accelerator by Edvant Edge Africa is designed to reinforce and breed young Africans to be relevant now and in the future of work, through hands-on, intensive training in different relevant fields

Courses & Certifications

  1. Business Analysis: This Business analysis course has been designed for those aspiring to start a career as a business analyst and sets you up for success in this career path.
  2. Digital Marketing: This course has been designed to help you master core digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, Youtube, Facebook, Email marketing, SEO, Google analytics, and many more.
  3. Graphics Design: The Graphics Design Course is designed to turn you into a design professional with core training in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, logo design, branding,  and design theory.
  4. Project Management: This course is designed to develop you into a successful Project Manager as it takes you through an introduction to project management, foundations of project management, Project management principles, practices, and systems, practical project management, case studies on project management, and many more.
  5. Product Management: This course is designed to help you learn the processes, skills, and tools needed to become a successful Product Manager. This course teaches you to implement a modern approach to product management and helps you master the fundamentals that create great teams and products.
  6. Data Science: This course is designed to help you Kickstart your career in data science. With this course, you would build data science skills, learn Python & SQL, analyze & visualize data, build machine learning models, and many more.
  7. UI/UX Design: With the UI/UX Design course(UI, UX Design thinking), you learn how to make products and services accessible and easy to use. You also earn one of the most sort-after skills in the tech industry.