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We offer a wide range of education market research services specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and research or business requirements they present. We can offer one-off questions via our omnibus surveys, syndicated research for groups of clients to get the best possible value and full service market research solutions including both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and full analysis and reporting. This includes but not limited to measuring brand perception for institutions in their local area, international projects, and carrying out research with and on behalf of a wide-range of education stakeholders such as universities, government officials and education unions or regulatory bodies for instance.

Our services range from simple or more hard-to-reach sample provision, to questions on omnibus surveys, subscription to one of our tracking surveys, ad-hoc sponsored questions or shorter surveys all the way to fully managed large-scale research projects involving thousands of online surveys, tele- or face-to-face depths and focus groups or hall tests.

Edvant Edge is committed to sharing knowledge on critical issues of particular relevance to the public, designed to understand the changing levels of satisfaction in the wider education sector. We publish weekly articles on our blog and disseminate the results of our work as broadly as possible to benefit the public good. The majority of our publicly available research documents are shared on our blog while some are available as e-copy downloads.