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Our goal is to transform and energise the vision of institutional advancement in African universities. Our team of consultants are astute professionals who have garnered extensive industry experience and network. We are committed to sharing knowledge that links nascent and future industry changes to the pillars of university advancement – institutional marketing, alumni relations, student recruitment and quality, research development, and staff quality, thereby emerging tailor-fit solutions and best practices for institutions. Our capacity in developing strategy, delivering projects on time and providing excellent post implementation support services continues to endear us to our clients. We offer a flexible and evolving service framework that meets all institutional advancement needs on-demand. This includes:
  1. Institutional Advancement Academy (IAI): Our faculty-led professional development training are expertly designed to address on-demand skills and knowledge that positions advancement officers and managers as competent and efficient in attracting funding, sponsorship, partnership, research grants and fellowship opportunities for their institutions. This is a learning pathway to professionalize advancement personnels as global partners in human capital development while networking with peers across Africa and the world. Enrol as an organization and set your advancement team on high.
  2. Fundraising: We recognize funding as a common resource to any developmental action. Our team of seasoned fundraisers constantly innovate sustainable funding strategies and sources that break barriers towards delivering capital and operational projects for universities.
  3. Institutional Marketing: We pride in planning, promoting and aligning university brand drive through virile, innovative and safe engagement within and outside the digital space. We leverage high impact channels in appetizing stakeholders with stories about existing and future institutional events, academic programmes, achievements and prospects.
  4. Alumni Relations and Engagement (ARE): We keep universities alive with symbiotic alumni engagement strategies. We use research-informed findings to create avenues for alumni to give back to their institutions and communities.
  5. Student Recruitment Services (SRS): We leverage technology to help universities plan and reach student enrollment targets with our efficient recruitment strategies and techniques. We offer commission-based student enrolment services for institutions. Also, our AI-powered student recruitment solution is more than a software as you get to know who your students are before they begin to apply.
  6. Student Engagement for Good: A very active and well informed student population is critical in making a world-class university system. We make the difference by creating a balance between schooling and living. We create events that set the tone for students to develop the right skills, attitudes and mindset to impact their communities and achieve fulfilment.
  7. Advancement Consultancy: We offer full or partial advancement consultancy services which involves and not limited to all or one of diagnostic fact finding, training, fundraising, marketing, recruitment and alumni engagement to give your advancement office the energy to foster growth and development in the university.
  8. Set Up your Advancement Office: Setting up an advancement office is not a cast in stone and can be difficult. We will help you build your advancement structure from the very foundation to where it should be.